2N2222 NPN Transistor pinout

2n2222 npn transistor has been commonly used for switching and very excessive frequency(vhf) amplifier programs. It’s miles manufactured from silicon material and mainly designed for low voltage, low to medium current, and coffee electricity amplifier applications.

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2n2222 npn transistor creation
pinout diagram 2n2222
pin configuration description
2n2222 npn transistor electrical functions
opportunity alternatives
wherein to 2n2222 npn transistor
configuration modes
2n2222 example circuits
led controlling example
example of interfacing dc motor as a transfer the use of arduino
programs 2n2222 npn transistor
2d size diagram

2n2222 npn transistor introduction

2n2222 presents a non-stop dc collector cutting-edge is 800ma. It approach it has a high collector therefore it’s far more often than not utilized in that circuits wherein low to medium cutting-edge is needed. It works on a excessive transition frequency value 250mhz with postpone time 10ns, rise time 25ms, garage time 225ms, and fall time 60ms. It’s miles friendly to use and easily available online marketplace in a to-ninety two package deal.

pin configuration of 2n2222 npn transistor:

this 2n2222 npn transistor has three pins emitter, base, and collector. Those pins are used within the circuit for turning on or off the transistor. Its pin configuration diagram is proven here in line with the datasheet:

pin configuration description

pin wide variety pin name function
1 emitter the emitter pin is used for draining out the whole transistor current. 2 base the base pin is a control pin and it’s miles used for controlling emitter to base contemporary. 3 collector the collector pin is an output pin and it is used for presenting transistor present day to the output load.

2n2222 npn transistor electric features

collector to emitter voltage is vceo = 50v whilst the bottom is open
emitter to base voltage is vebo= 6v while the collector is open
collector to base voltage is vcbo= seventy five whilst the emitter is open
dc continuous collector present day is ic = 800ma
total device electricity dissipation is pt = 1w
maximum thermal resistance from junction to a case is r0jc= 150c0/w
maximum thermal resistance from junction to ambient is r0ja= 325c0/w
enter capacitance = 25pf
output capacitance = 8pf
flip-on time = 25ns
fall time = 60ns
opportunity options
mpsa42 , 2n3906


2n3906 (pnp)

where to 2n2222 npn transistor

this 2n2222 npn transistor has nearly the same technical specifications as bc547 npn transistor
however the only difference among them is the non-stop collector modern-day and overall electricity dissipation of this transistor
therefore, it could be utilized in that application which includes switching and amplifications in which bc547 transistor has been using. In switching utility it works in areas consisting of saturation and cut off region
in saturation region complete current flows from emitter to a collector that’s range is a hundred and ten to 800ma and in this situation, it acts as a switch on a transfer. Therefore the consumer can not join the weight whose contemporary is greater than 800ma
in addition within the reduce-off place, no present day flows from emitter to collector then it acts as a turn off the switch
a present day proscribing resistor is also inside the circuit for proscribing the base modern due to the fact it could be broken the transistor if the source modern-day is more than 5ma
configuration modes
similarly in the amplification utility, it is able to be related in three configurations consisting of commonplace emitter, not unusual collector and commonplace base. Current, voltage and electricity can be without difficulty amplified with the aid of the use of these configuration modes.

2n2222 instance circuits

on this section, we are able to speak a few examples using this npn transistor. First, we will see an instance of a easy led controlling instance with a switch. After that, we will see an example of controlling a dc motor with arduino uno. Led controlling example
in this case circuit, we attach a push-button with a base terminal. 5 volts with collector terminal thru 220ohm resistor. Join an led with an emitter terminal via a 220-ohm resistor.

By using mistake, 10kΩ used as a cutting-edge limiting resistor with an led. If you use 10kΩ led will not glow when you turn at the transfer because of low modern-day passing through the led. 10kΩ resistor will limit the modern-day under the forward modern-day requires to show on an led. Additionally, use a 220Ω resistor between the switch and base terminal. Now, in case you observe a 5 volts logic at base enter, you will see led glowing. In any other case, it’s going to remain off. Controlling led the use of 2n2222
instance of interfacing dc motor as a transfer the use of arduino
in this situation, a 2n2222 npn transistor is used in commonplace emitter configuration mode. This circuit controls a dc motor through a transistor this is used as a switch. We will use arduino uno or any microcontroller to control this circuit. The running of this circuit is precisely similar to you have got seen inside the closing section besides dc motor is used. Motor manage circuit instance 2n222 npn transistor

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packages 2n2222 npn transistor
this 2n2222 npn transistor may be used in that masses where current is needed more than 800ma
motor pressure circuits such as variable frequency drives (vfd) and so forth. Dc inverters and rectifier circuits. Darlington pair transistors in which multiple transistors are connected in parallel for obtaining the high modern-day from emitter to collector. It could be used as an amplifier for amplifying modern-day, voltage, and electricity.

2d measurement diagram

a 2nd diagram enables at the same time as designing a pcb diagram and all through electronics components meeting. You may download the datasheet for a size diagram of other packages.