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2n3553 replacement

material of transistor: si

polarity: npn

most collector electricity dissipation (laptop): 7 w

maximumvcb65 v

most collector-emitter voltage 40 v

most emitter-base voltage 5 v

most collector contemporaryic maxoperating junction temperature (tj): two hundred °c

transition frequency (feet): 250 mhz

collector capacitance (cc): 10 pf

ahead present day transfer ratio (hfe), min: 10

noise parent, db: –2n3553 replacement

package deal: to5
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2n3553 datasheet (pdf)

0. 1. 2n3553. Pdf length:45k _philips

discrete semiconductorsdata sheet2n3553silicon planar epitaxialoverlay transistor1995 oct 27product specificationsupersedes information of october 1981file underneath discrete semiconductors, sc08aphilips semiconductors product specificationsilicon planar epitaxial2n3553overlay transistorapplications description the 2n3553 is supposed to be used in vhf and uhf the tool is a s

9. 1. 2n3555. Pdf size:56k _njs

nine. 2. 2n3558. Pdf length:11k _semelab

2n3558dimensions in mm (inches). Bipolar npnp device in a eight. 51 (zero. 34)9. Forty (0. 37) hermetically sealed to39 7. 75 (0. 305)eight. 51 (zero. 335)metallic package deal. 6. 10 (0. 240)6. 60 (0. 260)bipolar npnp tool.

2n3553 replacement

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