A call for more courtesy on local and long-distance public transport

Have you ever noticed that the helpfulness and kindness of the people on trams, suburban trains and trains in this country are not that far away? Rolling eyes, annoyed tones – if people are not talking to each other at all – pushing and pushing is commonplace on public transport. We support a little more attention, peace and friendliness.

Sound makes music

Ultimately, it is the little things that determine how communication in public can be positively affected. Suppose you are sitting on a tram, put your briefcase in the square next to you and someone wants to sit down. It is definitely self-evident that you remove the bag on your own initiative. But whenever you are deep in thought, looking at your smartphone or reading a book – it really still has to be – and you miss the opportunity to make room for the new visitor. Generally, as a careless passenger, the concentrated dissatisfaction of the passengers strikes you immediately. The highest of the verbal emotions is a laconic: “Can I?”, So the question is of course rhetorical and the person is already halfway sitting in his pocket.

It would be much nicer if you did not immediately assume that the dreamers want something bad and just ask politely: “Sorry, is there still a free man next to you?” Smile too.

A gentleman on the move

A familiar sight, especially at train stations: women traveling alone are struggling with their heavy luggage under great pressure. First the steps to the platform and then the steps on the train and help is almost never offered to them. On the contrary: when an assistant is found in an emergency, the ladies seem completely frightened by the courtesy. Some people may even expect a bad theft instead of a genuine willingness to help. It is a pity! Despite equality, it is still a sign of perfect kindness when a gentleman offers his help to a lady. By the way, other gentlemen are happy to see that they look down on their luggage. Even if the offer of help is rejected in the end, you can be sure that you did the right thing and, in your goodness, you may have saved someone’s day.

Even if it sometimes seems like a full-time job to act as a boss, and if sometimes you are in a bad mood, it is always worth being forgiving towards your fellow human beings and treating them with care and kindness. You would definitely want it from them too.

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