BC149 transistor Pinout – the 111 electronic

Type designator: BC149 transistor Pinout

fabric of transistor: si; BC149 transistor Pinout

polarity: npn

maximum collector power dissipation (laptop): zero. 25 w

most collector-base voltage mostvcemaximumveb5 v

maximum collector modern-day zero. 2 a

max. Operating junction temperature (tj): a hundred twenty five °c

transition frequency (toes): one hundred fifty mhz

collector capacitance (cc): five pf

forward current transfer ratio (hfe), min: two hundred

noise determine, db: –

package: x09

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bc149 datasheet (pdf)

0. 1. Bc107 bc108 bc109 bc147 bc148 bc149. Pdf size:791k _aeg-telefunken.BC149 transistor Pinout

0. 2. Bc149. Pdf length:484k _no

This submit explains for the semiconductor bc147, bc148, bc149. The part wide variety is bc147. The characteristic of this semiconductor is npn transistor. Manufacturers : etc

bc147 datasheet

absolute most scores ( ta=25°c )

1. Collector to base voltage : vcbo = 50 v
2. Collector to emitter voltage : vceo = forty five v
3. Emitter to base voltage : vebo = 6 v
4. Collector current : ic = two hundred ma
five. General dissipation : ptot = three hundred mw
6. Junction temperature : tj = 125°c
7. Garage temperatue : tsg = -55 ~ +a hundred twenty five°c

bc147 datasheet

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