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Type designator:BC413 Datasheet

material of transistor: si

polarity: npn

maximum collector power dissipation (computer): zero. 3 w

maximum collector-base voltage forty five v

maximum collector-emitter voltage maximum: 5 v

most collector modern-day: 0. 1 a

max. Operating junction temperature (tj): one hundred fifty °c

transition frequency (toes): 250 mhz

collector capacitance (cc): 5 pf

forward cutting-edge transfer ratio (hfe), min: a hundred and eighty

noise parent, db: –

package: to92
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bc413 datasheet (pdf)
0. 1. Gc520-k gc521-ok gc522-k bc413b-c kc147 kc148 kc149 kc237a-b-v kc238a-b-c kc239f-b-c kc507 kc508 kc509 kc635 kc637 kc639. Pdf size:148k _tesla

0. 2. Bc413 bc414 b c. Pdf length:353k _cdil

continental device india limitedan iso/ts 16949, iso 9001 and iso 14001 certified companybc413, b, cnpn silicon planar epitaxial transistorsbc414, b, cto-92plastic packageebcabsolute most ratings (ta=25c)description symbol bc413 bc414 unitscollector emitter voltage vceo 30 forty five vcollector base voltage vcbo 45 50 vemitter base voltage vebo 5. 0 vcollector cutting-edge

Datasheet: bc408b , bc408c , bc409 , bc409b , bc409c , bc410 , bc411 , bc412 , 8050 , bc413b , bc413bp , bc413c , bc413cp , bc414 , bc414b , bc414bp , bc414c .

Traits of bc413 transistor

type: npn
collector-emitter voltage: 30 v
collector-base voltage: forty five v
emitter-base voltage: five v
collector current: 0. 1 a
collector dissipation: 0. 3 w
dc modern-day gain (hfe): 180 to 800
transition frequency: 200 mhz
running and storage junction temperature variety: -55 to +a hundred and fifty °c
bundle: to-ninety two

pinout of bc413

the bc413 is manufactured in a plastic to-ninety two case. When searching at the flat side with the leads pointed downward, the 3 leads rising from the transistor are, from left to proper, the collector, base, and emitter leads. Here is an photo showing the pin diagram of the this transistor. Pinout of the bc413 transistor

classification of hfe

the bc413 transistor may have a modern gain of one hundred eighty to 800. The advantage of the bc413b could be in the range from one hundred eighty to 460, for the bc413c it’ll be in the variety from 380 to 800. Complementary pnp transistor
the bc415 is a complementary pnp transistor for the bc413.