BC557 Transistor Pinout, Equivalent, Features uses

Bc557 transistor is a pnp bipolar junction preferred-purpose transistor this is used as a transfer or amplifier in electronic circuits. It has 125 to 800 hfe ratings which make it a perfect transistor to use as a small sign amplifier in electronic circuits. The most collector dissipation is 500 milliwatts which can be additionally every other properly feature of this transistor. Furthermore, its overall performance well whilst used it as a switch for load under 100ma. Bc557 transistor has also accurate collector to emitter (vce) cost this is -45v, therefore you can without difficulty use it in circuits the usage of 40 to 45 volts dc. Besides those makes use of, bc557 is also a very good widespread-purpose pnp transistor to apply in your simple electronics projects so this transistor has to have for your electronics lab. Bc557 transistor

functions of bc557 transistor

max voltages collector-emitter: -45 v
most collector-base voltage: -50 v
max emitter-base voltage: -five v
collector present day: -0. 1 a
collector dissipation – 0. Five w
cutting-edge advantage (hfe) – a hundred and ten to 800
frequency of bc557 – a hundred and fifty mhz
2 db noise figures
running temperature range -sixty five to +150 °c
to-92 bundle
pnp complementary of bc557 transistor:
bc 557 is an npn transistor so its complementary is bc547

alternative and equivalent:

the opportunity of this transistor is 2n3906, 2n4403, bc556, bc327. Maintain in min the output pins of some equivalents are specific so please see pinout info of the equal transistor before replacing within the circuit. Programs of bc557 transistor:
bc557 is used inside the preamplifier
it is also utilized in small signal audio amplifier
it’s also used in using hundreds beneath 0. 1ma or 100ma
this transistor broadly used pnp transistor so it can be utilized in any fashionable-reason application that comes underneath its ratings

the way to defend transistor bc557:

for the lengthy existence of this transistor it’s miles essential to no longer function it under -45v dc to your digital circuits, continually use a appropriate resistor on-base factor, do use this transistor greater than -100ma load, the working and storage temperature. The temperature ought to be under -sixty five to +a hundred and fifty centigrade, and usually test the pinout of the transistor before putting it in by means of hazard wrongly located, then check the transistor again earlier than putting it inside the circuit due to the fact incorrect enter can susceptible its overall performance.

Bc557 as a switch circuit:

as we use a transistor as a transfer it’s far operated in saturation and cut off region. A transistor acts as an open switch all through forwarding bias and closed transfer throughout reverse bias. The most base cutting-edge should be 5ma for bc557 transistor as point out above inside the functions. More modern-day than 5ma will kill the transistor. So a resistor is continually delivered in series with the bottom pin. The fee of the resistor may be calculated through using this formulation