BC560 Bipolar pinout Transistor

In this topic we are going to discuss about bc560 pinout, equal, specs, programs and different details about this to-92 package deal bjt pnp transistor.BC560 Bipolar pinout Transistor.

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bc560 pinout, equal, specs, programs and different information


functions / technical specs:
package type: to-ninety two
transistor kind: pnp
max collector cutting-edge(ic): –100ma
max collector-emitter voltage (vce): –45v
max collector-base voltage (vcb): –50v
max emitter-base voltage (vebo): –5v
max collector dissipation (laptop): 500 mw

max transition frequency (ft):

a hundred and fifty mhz
minimal & maximum dc contemporary benefit (hfe): 110 – 800
max garage & working temperature need to be: –65 to +a hundred and fifty centigrade

npn complementary:

npn complementary of bc560 is bc550. Alternative and equivalent:
bc556, bc557, bc307, ss9015, bc327−forty, bc636, mpsa18, 2n2907, s8550, 2n4403, bc527, ss9012, mpsa18, 2n5087, (pin configuration of some equal transistors shown here may be exclusive from bc560, consequently take a look at pin configuration before replacing in the circuit.)


bc560 transistor explained / description:

bc560 is a trendy purpose bjt pnp transistor to be had in to-92 bundle. The max collector present day of the transistor is -100ma and the maximum collector-emitter voltage is -45v. The max collector dissipation finished with this transistor is 500mw. It’s far capable to provide dc cutting-edge gain (hfe) from 110 to 800 and its noise discern is from 1. 2 to 2 db.

The transistor is synthetic in 3 exclusive hfe values which may be determined with the assist of the remaining alphabet after the transistor number. For example if the final alphabet will be “a” then its advantage price may be 110 – 220, if “b” then its gain value might be two hundred – 450 and if “c” then the advantage value will be 420 – 800. Bc560 is a low noise and excessive advantage transistor that can be used in huge style of widespread packages which falls underneath its ratings.

It can be used in lots of forms of audio and sign amplification programs, and additionally for many wellknown reason switching programs.BC560 Bipolar pinout Transistor.

In which we are able to use it & how to use:

as stated above that bc560 is a trendy purpose low noise and high gain transistor therefore it will carry out properly in many styles of audio preamplifier programs, audio amplifier circuits, audio amplifier circuit degrees, any type of small signal amplification along with virtual sign or an rf sign ( rf signal under a hundred and fifty mhz ) and any other small digital alerts of different packages. Apart from that it is able to be used as a switch to force load beneath -100ma. Applications:

increasing audio benefit

sensor circuits

darlington pairs

signal amplification

radio & rf applications

mic amplifier

audio amplifiers and ranges


how to thoroughly long run in a circuit:

for lengthy life overall performance some foremost factors should be kept in mind for the duration of designing a circuit or using it in a circuit. For top safety we advocate to use all components 20% under from its max ratings and same applies to bc560. The max collector contemporary of the transistor is -100ma consequently do not power load of greater than 80ma. The max collector emitter voltage is -45v consequently do no longer pressure load of extra than 36v and always save or use this transistor in temperature above -65 degree centigrade and under +150 degree centigrade.