C Program to Display Prime Numbers Between Two numbers

C programming is a preferred cause extensively used excessive stage programming language. Nearly all kinds of pc packages are written in this language. It’s far the simple programming language. Write a c program to find prime number among two numbers inputted by using person. We can additionally learn how to display prime quantity between 1 to n numbers. Now first we find out about prime numbers. Top no among no
write a c application to print all high numbers between 1 to n the usage of for loop. Write in c to print prime numbers among 1 and 100. Required knowledge

c print f and scan-f capabilities 

for loop in c
define top range in C Program
a prime number is a natural wide variety greater than 1 this is most effective divisible through both 1 or itself. All numbers aside from prime numbers are known as composite numbers. There are infinitely many top numbers, here is the list of first few top numbers
2 three five 7 11 thirteen 17 19 23 29 31 37…. Step 1. In step 1 processors are given to consist of header report for top numbers
step 2. We used essential characteristic

step 3. We’ve declared variables

step four. Two numbers are inputted with the assist of print f and experiment f fiction. Step 5. In this step external loop is given here we for loop which increase their fee from 1 to subsequent and so on

algorithm for prime no

we just write algorithm for 1 to n number you can exchange it in keeping with your want and requirements
algorithm. Algorithm to check whether or not quite a number is high or not
permit, n be a high-quality wide variety. For every number i, among 2 to n/2(2<= i <= n/2) check whether or not i divide n absolutely(take a look at if i is a issue of n). If (n % i == zero), then n cannot be a high wide variety. If none of the wide variety among 2 to n/2 divides n completely then n is a top quantity.

Instance of software

#consist of<stdio. H>
#include<conio. H>
void fundamental()

long i,prime,j,n1,n2;
printf(“input start and cease numbers for high”);
scanf(“%ld %ld”,&n1,&n2);


if(ip. Cj==0)





input numbers(intervals): 20
top numbers between 20 and 50 are: 23 29 31 37 41 43 47