C945 Transistor Pinout, Equivalent, Features & Applications

C945 is a trendy-cause npn transistor that extensively utilized in a ramification of business and educational digital circuits. It comes in a to-92 package deal, this transistor can power max load around 150ma that is sufficient to operate many devices in a circuit for leds, relays, ics, transistors and different parts of electronics circuits. The saturation of this transistor is handiest 0. 3v dc it is also an excellent feature of this transistor. Furthermore, the transistor is also a low noise tool and has a terrific dc modern-day gain that is 70 to 700. C945 transistor


capabilities of c945 transistor

>kind of pacage: to-ninety two
>type: npn
>collector max current(ic): 150ma
>collector-emitter max voltage (vce): 50v
>collector-base max voltage (vcb): 60v
>emitter-base max voltage (vebo): 5v
>collector max dissipation (computer): four hundred milli watt
>transition max frequency (feet): two hundred mhz
>min & max dc present day advantage (hfe): 70 – seven-hundred
>max storage and running temperature need to be: -55 to +one hundred fifty centigrade

trade of c945 transistor

it is able to get replaced with 2n2222, 2n3904, 2sc1815, 2sc3198 these days bc547 is a good change of this transistor. The pin configuration of a few transistors isn’t like c945 so check pin configuration earlier than changing inside the circuits.

Pnp complementary of this transistor

npn complementary of c945 is a733, bc557,bc558 and bc556b.

Applications of c945

>it’s miles utilized in sensor circuits
>use in audio preamplifiers
>use in audio amplifier degrees
>use in switching masses beneath 150ma
>it is also utilized in darlington pairs
>rf circuits extensively utilized c945 makes

use  of c945 transistor

this transistor has a terrific dc contemporary benefit and coffee noise due to this it is suitable to apply in audio amplifier circuits stages or for the amplification of other digital circuits. Saturation voltage of by and large bjt transistors is zero. 6v dc however the c945 has most effective a transistor which has 0. 3v saturation voltage due to this feature it is able to carry out well in low voltage circuits or in any circuit in which low base voltage is available.