Facial cleansing for all skin types – bio blog

If you ask me which step is the most important in the care of my face – then I will tell you directly: cleansing! The skin is free from sebum, sweat, makeup, dead cells or sun protection, the following care can really show its effect on clean skin. Therefore, my facial care routine starts morning and night with cleansing and plenty of warm water. Unfortunately, the use of water alone is not enough, because it can only remove water-soluble substances. Fat-soluble substances can only be rinsed in combination with a cleaning product.

Clean gently

However, cleansing should not dry out or degrease the skin too much: If your facial skin is tight or very red after cleansing, then it is a good idea to switch to another, milder cleanser. Not just because it feels better, but because the skin can react to the constant irritation with dirt or increased sebum flow. For this reason, even oily, imperfect skin should never be cleaned too aggressively! It is quite possible that the skin condition will improve with the transition to a milder cleanser.

My tips for gentle facial cleansing

Basically, cleansing should not stress the skin of the face too much: Do not use hot water, but lukewarm water to rinse it off! I also recommend using only a very soft natural fiber cloth – and do not rub it wildly on your face. The same goes for the towel: just dry the skin with it, do not rub it.

Depending on the condition of the skin, you can use a cleansing gel, a washing cream or a cleansing milk without surfactants:

Cleanser for dry, sensitive skin

A classic in natural cosmetics is this Sheabutter Cleanser by Martina Gebhardt. The cleansing milk does not contain surfactants and therefore cleanses very gently. Spread the odorless cleansing milk on your wet face and massage for about 15 seconds and then rinse everything with plenty of water. Thanks to the oils it contains (olive oil, shea butter), shea butter cleanser has a moisturizing effect, so that the skin feels well-groomed after cleansing. Vegan and Demeter certified cleansing milk with its pure ingredients also removes makeup.

Cleansing for mature and normal to dry skin

The Logona Gel Cleansing Oil Protection Age Protection has a refined texture – and is already fun to use: First, apply the clear oil gel (based on the processed vegetable oils) to your dry facial skin and you can use it to remove all fat-soluble substances, including makeup on. Then I emulsify everything with wet hands in a cleansing milk that can be easily rinsed with water. The skin does not feel oily afterwards, but it also does not feel dry (the surfactant it contains is low dose, sunflower and argan oil provide some care). It has a strong floral aroma, is certified with Natrue and vegan.

Cleansing for normal to combination skin

The name Hydro Effect Cleansing Balm von Lavera sounds richer than the product actually is: the balm has a gel-creamy, not greasy texture. Apply the fresh, with a scent of Cleansing Balm flowers on your wet face and then rinse it with lukewarm water. The anti-pollution complex contained in it is supposed to protect the skin from damage caused by environmental pollution. Therefore, I suggest rubbing with the Cleansing Balm for about a minute before rinsing. As the surfactants are further back in INCI, the skin is gently cleansed. It feels clean and refreshed afterwards, the nourishing effect of olive oil and the moisturizing plant extracts it contains are sufficient for normal to combination skin (for my relatively dry skin, vegan and Natrue Cleansing Balm certified is only available in summer).

Cleansing for reduced, oily skin

Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel from Santaverde is suitable for youthful, oily or combination skin – because it is a non-greasy cleanser. It is based on aloe vera juice and has a very light feeling, almost mousse on the skin. The gel is applied to the wet skin of the face and then rinsed with lukewarm water. The delicate aroma of apricot is also wonderful! Ideal for those who do not need extra care when cleaning and love gel-like textures. Vegan and certified by Natrue.

And after cleaning, it’s time to take care of it! Do you have a favorite for cleansing your face?