Proper cleaning of shoes is easy

On St. Nicholas Day, the Berlin shoe company Shoepassion offers an online shoe care seminar. The gentleman blog had the unique opportunity to offer its readers the opportunity to take part in this webinar – it’s worth being quick, places are limited!

Shiny shoes, easy from home

If the boot remains empty this year, it may be because the shoes have not been cleaned or have not been cleaned properly. Shoepassion shows in its first webinar in German how to do it right. In the exclusive online shoe care seminar, you can learn everything you need to know about fine leather shoes and get information on the proper care of smooth skin and leather soles. In addition, it explains the importance of passive shoe care, a measure that protects shoes from unnecessary wear and tear from the day of purchase.

So far shoe care seminars have been conducted by Shoes always only in their stores throughout Germany. In a small environment, participants learned everything about shoe care and were able to lend a hand. On December 6, those who have not yet had the opportunity to attend one of the seminars in Berlin or Hamburg, for example, will receive an introduction to the art of shoe care. From 7 p.m. you can take part in the first Shoepassion online shoe care seminar live and completely free. All you need is a dirt brush, a pomade, a shoe polish and a polishing brush. And of course a pair of shoes that are worn as much as possible, so that success becomes even more visible in the end. Click here to register.

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