The road to the perfect suit

The suit was established as the ultimate status symbol of the stylish man in the last century. Unfortunately, over time, the knowledge needed to find a suitable sample that matches his own style has been lost. The Gentleman Blog explains step by step how to make the right choice when choosing a suit.

The lapel

The lapel is still the basic expression of a suit. Many men are not even aware of the effect that a haircut has on their overall appearance. If you want to focus on the classic elegance, you’re deliberately choosing a slightly wider lapel. These days it’s the particularly narrow cut lapel that corresponds to the fashionable feel. This allows to achieve a very youthful and dynamic image. An example would be the suits of the Men’s Club brand, where you can find both the most decent models and the youthful elegant ones.

The shoulder area

Anyone looking for the right suit without help will have particular difficulty in correctly assessing the expression in the shoulder area. After all, this does not seem at all from a personal point of view. The most important thing here is to look at the seam on the shoulder. This should be placed in such a way that it does not protrude by itself over the shoulder. If this happens, wrinkles appear very quickly on the back when the suit is worn. In addition, the unsightly appearance of drooping shoulders may occur. If the shoulder seam is in the right position, this risk can be eliminated very easily.

The length of the suit

There is always a lot of discussion about how long the perfect suit should be. In recent decades, the gentleman world has come to a general consensus on this. It is therefore important that the jacket completely covers the buttocks in each position. If this is not the case then maybe your adapter needs to be adjusted to produce the desired shape.

If you are not equipped with the desired body length, you can take advantage of this feature. If the suit is chosen a little shorter here, it gives the impression of a visual stretch, which can be an advantage in the personal situation.

The length of the sleeve

If there are individual adjustments to a suit, in many cases these are directly related to the length of the sleeve. Many men wonder how the perfect visual impression can be created. In fact, it is important that the cuff of the shirt is still visible under the suit. Ideally, the cuff protrudes from one to one and a half centimeters. It will not be possible to achieve exactly this constellation in every everyday position. If you attach great importance to this, you may want to consider fixing the two components in place to increase safety.

The length of the pants

Of course, the questions do not stop with the suit. It is also important that the length of the pants is perfectly tailored to your measurements. Of course, it is not advisable to drive the pants over the heel of the shoe. There should be a gap of about 1.5 cm at the top edge. Given this finger width, it can be assumed that the correct model with the correct length has been selected.

On the other hand, shoes are also decisive for the impression they can make with the suit pants. Here are some guidelines that should be included in your decision making. Important tips for this combination are also I this article to find.

The right belt

By themselves, they are often the accessories that give the right impression to an outfit. There are many points to consider when choosing the right belt. If the belt is closed, two to three free holes should protrude after the buckle. If the end is too short, the impression of a big belly is quickly created. If in the meantime the finish is left too long, there is a risk that it will come off and thus negatively affect the overall appearance.

Many experts also emphasize the great importance of the tie. In fact, the look of the design, the model and the color is even more important here than with the shirt, which in this respect only works as a background. The right tie is easy to find these days, especially for the business look. This is because most shirts are white or light blue. Respectively many colors of the tie are suitable to ensure a harmonious overall image, which is able to ideally emphasize your own appearance and give extra tones.

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