Whatsapp is introducing Dark Mode Feature (Things to know about it)

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Finally whatsapp is going to launch its Dark Mode feature which is much awaited by the users and it has been tested by some users according to some reports. WABetaInfo, is a blog which tracks whatsapp developments says that whatsapp which is a messaging app owned by facebook is introducing dark mode in near future. It is important to mention that the Dark Mode Theme is still under development and is available to some users who are using beta version of the app. The dark theme will not only be available to the android users but also to the iOS users and both are under development and will be available soon to the users. Addressing the above issues, WABetaInfo stated that, “WhatsApp can fix these in 15 minutes. The real problem is that we don’t know when they will do.” The blog explained,” When you share something in WhatsApp, for example a photo from your Camera Roll, you see the Dark Theme!” Whatsapp is also going to introduce a new feature in which some particular message will be deleted after sometime automatically as if it was not sent or received.
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