Four useful features of whatsapp Everyone Should Know

Whatsapp has five useful features which I think everyone should know before using it.

These features aimed to make the chatting experience easy and it also include sending happy festival message in your voice and updating your about status when you are busy or traveling.

  1. Send a voice Note ( Voice Message );

Whatsapp has made the conversation and chatting more easier than ever it was. It aims to make the things more simple and easier. If you are in a position where you cannot type the message then whatsapp allows you to send a voice message to your beloved ones either you are chatting with a person or you are chatting in a whatsapp group.

In order to send a voice message you just have to press and hold the icon of voice message placed at the bottom of the application and record you voice. After recording your voice press the send button and that’s it your message has been sent to your partner within the seconds.

2. Tell everyone what are you doing;

The most popular and amazing feature of the whatsapp is its about section.

If you are at the gym or eating a pizza and if you want to tell everyone in your contacts what you are doing or where you are, then you can use the about section where you can update your status about your activity.

3. Connect in an instance

Internet has made the world closer and closer but the features of social media chatting apps are really making the people closer to each other. If you are miles away from your family or friends you may contact them using whatsapp through text message, voice calling and video calling within no time. It does not matter where your friend or family is, how far they are. The only thing which matter is the internet connection. If your loved ones are connected to internet connection then you can also make a whatsapp group of your friends and family members to conversate and discuss in a group, as other millions of people are doing.

4. Live location sharing.

You can share your live location to your friend, family and loved ones using whatsapp. For instance you are going to a party where your friends are waiting for you then you can share your live location in the whatsapp gorup of those friends before starting from the home and that’s it. After sharing live location in a whatsapp group or in a single chat your friends will be able to track your location and you will not need to tell them at each and every Kilometer ” Hey! I am here or there.”

To share live in the whatsapp group or single chat open the chat  click the paper clip >location>share live location.

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