Top 20 Technology Websites and Reviews 2023 Latest Update

The technology hitting our planet is overwhelming and its value cannot be overstated This morning, I was looking for a hard to find passage in the Bible but with the help of Google I was able to find the passage easily, isn’t it amazing how technology helps in all areas of our lives? If not all?

Today, there are various technology websites that can help you in your day to day life so why waste time when you can find everything you need on the web fair and square. If you are looking for tech websites then look no further, you are in the right domain. We have compiled a list of top websites that cater your tech, gaming, business and all and sundry for people from different walks of life.

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    1. Computer World Through this website you can search and find countless blogs and newsletters and new technologies. Games , products and you know it all. The most important thing about this website is that you can find different stories and options with reports from companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft.
    2. Gigaom This site is an ideal interface for business leaders and investors; This helps business people realize the extent of the power that technology has in their lives, media, people and even their lives. As a trader, you need a reliable website to upload trade reports, you can trust Gigaom.
  1. ZD NET : This site offers discount information on trending news articles and the likes. The best part is ZDNet’s 24/7 coverage analysis on world news so you can catch up with interesting facts and make your day boring.
  2. GOOGLE CATEGORIES The familiar Google may not seem relevant to you anymore, but it’s one of the best sites for getting the latest information on news, government, politics, health, technology, and more. It begets contempt for you to know, our dear Google is a good friend of mine as I mentioned earlier.
  3. iDROP News :- This is the best Apple site for the latest news, upcoming launch dates and Apple rumors you don’t want to miss.
  4. TECHNO BITE This is one of the best educational sites where you can learn science and technology in a new way. Check out the latest news on science , technology and more.
  5. Techharis :- This is a new world where every photo and artistic cruelty gets to him. This site offers reviews, news, games, creations and an interactive interface
  6. TOP 10 TECH This site is the best for education and entertainment to learn from many writers and authors, thus looking at technology from a new perspective. Here, you can receive information on games, applications and technologies.
  7. RS TECHNICA At RS Technica you will find accurate and factual news reports on various platforms of technology publications by technologists and IT wizards. The interface here is really user friendly and you won’t expect any errors.
  8. The Next Web This is a hip site for the tech junkies out there. Gain insight into all the gears and apps of the tech world. Cross-generational groups are introduced. Together in various events and workshops under one platform
  9. TECH MEME is dedicated to bringing you the latest technology news and reviews to keep you up to date with the happenings of the exciting world of technology.
  10. Accessories As the name suggests, Apaskystars keeps you updated on where and how to find the best and suitable accessories for your computer.
  11. PC :- With convincing and innovative reviews and news, PC has earned its reputation. It covers various technical features of various devices like tablet, laptop and so on and also relates to business and enterprise.
  12. Popular Science here brings you the latest news on technology and exposes you to the world of science through trending articles. You can educate yourself on a whole new level.
  13. Techgian : Techgian guides you to start your own personal blog and how to get started. You see, with TechJian, you are not alone in the world of technology.
  14. HOW TO KEEP IT :- This site is mainly for book lovers, what we call egg brains who love reading, you can read a lot of different books and choose online articles from many options.
  15. The New York Times : Are you familiar with the name? This is a very popular name, this is one of the most reliable sites that provide information on the latest news on politics, law, health, education, books, etc. So what are you waiting for? Go for it.
  16. The Huffington Post Like Wiki, Huffington is primarily a community of discussion blogs and articles. Here you can learn many creative stories and proper safety instructions to celebrate.
  17. Business Activity Beat Are you an enthusiastic entrepreneur or technology enthusiast? Well, the Association Bit gives you a deep knowledge of ground breaking and innovative research. You can also keep up to date with current events and the latest research news.
  18. Beat News :- This is one of the leading review related websites that provides technology cloud and security with latest reviews of soft goods.

So you can go for new tech updates as you like when all the contents are leaked.